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Immigrants, Refugees & New Americans

Stabilizing and revitalizing local economies

Why We Invest

Immigrants, refugees & New Americans

Immigrants, refugees, asylees, and New Americans generally have strong entrepreneurial drive as they build new lives for themselves and their new communities. But they often are challenged to navigate cumbersome financial systems in a new language and as a result, don’t get the capital they need to grow.

Research from New American Economy makes it clear that supporting newcomers can help stabilize and revitalize local economies. As a firm based in a city on an international border with a large and diverse population, it’s ingrained in us to ensure equitable access to capital regardless of your country of origin.

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National loan program supporting people on the move

Help us finance U.S.-based businesses and organizations that actively support people on the move—immigrants, refugees, asylees, low-income economic migrants, and survivors of trafficking.

Thank you, Community Finance Fellows

Diversifying the finance talent pipeline

The Community Finance Fellowship aims to diversify talent in our industry—and get capital into overlooked and underestimated communities where it doesn’t usually flow. The inaugural cohort was 80 percent first- or second-generation New Americans. The first cohort wrapped up their year with us in March 2021 while the second cohort completed their fellowship in September 2022.

Freedom For Immigrants

Freedom from immigration detention

The Freedom100 Fund combined donations and investments to post bond for 100 immigrants in mandatory immigration detention. Operated in partnership with national nonprofit Freedom for Immigrants, the fund began flowing capital to free people in July 2020.

Learn more about this strategy.

*This fund is closed and is not accepting capital.

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San Diego small businesses and nonprofits

One in four San Diegans are born outside the U.S. Supporting New Americans is critical for Advance, our flagship place-based portfolio, to address inclusive economic opportunity. Advance has invested in multiple companies to accelerate opportunities for New Americans.