Respond + Rebuild

Responding to crisis, rebuilding community

This virus is attacking us community by community,
so that’s how we’re fighting back.

What is Respond + Rebuild?

What is Respond + Rebuild?

Respond + Rebuild is a private financing facility designed to give these tenacious enterprises a fighting chance, prioritizing investments that foster equity, inclusion, and access. Our goal is to mobilize and deploy targeted mission-first capital at both the national and community levels, particularly for those overlooked and underestimated communities that are most impacted by both the latest coronavirus and historical bias.

Intrepid entrepreneurs all over the U.S. are developing creative solutions to keep their communities running in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. They are quickly repurposing capacity and innovating on ways to deliver their products and services.

Even more, they are looking beyond the short-term needs, crafting lasting solutions that will build stronger and more resilient communities for years to come. From reducing disparities in income mobility and paths to quality jobs, to increasing access to education and healthcare, to developing sustainable systems and supply chains that allow more people to participate in a recovery—they are building an economy that works better for all.

We are witnessing in real-time how the financial systems, structures, and policies in America have intentionally and unintentionally fostered inequality and restricted access to opportunity and self-sufficiency. We have a unique moment to deliver on the promise of intentional investment and the power of a universal economy to shape the new world. 

Together, we can accelerate the shift to resilient communities and systems that provide opportunity for all.


Goal: Fuel growth for those entrepreneurs innovating, repurposing capacity, and delivering critical and essential services that create and retain jobs and mitigate coronavirus’ effects on vulnerable communities.

Key performance indicators:

  • Quality job retention and creation
  • Important service delivery and supply chains such as healthcare, food, housing, transportation


Goal: Accelerate enterprises and projects that are actively building resilient communities and sustainable systems—delivering services and creating paths to quality jobs while modeling equity, inclusion, and access.

Key performance indicators:

  • Quality job creation
  • Education and workforce development
  • Health and social determinants
  • Local economic development and community resilience

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