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David Cooper

Director of Business Development

David Cooper

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David has 20 years of experience directing the acquisition, financing, ownership, and disposition of early-stage companies. He brings a deep knowledge of equity transactions including due diligence, structuring, closing, and operational management.

David has a track record of profitable impact investing and strategic advising. He and his associates make investments that match risk with returns and reconnect investors with the performance of the companies they invest in, selecting companies in need of financing that make a positive impact in the world—without sacrificing returns.

David is a managing member of his family’s clean technology fund West Coast CleanTech (WCTT), founded on the belief that the confluence of economic, social, and environmental factors driving rapid technological change in green technologies offers positive investment opportunities.

David is a board member of the Baja Coastal Institute, a nonprofit organization devoted to regional environmental and socioeconomic research throughout Baja, Mexico.

David is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire.