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Structural Solutions

Investment infrastructure for a better world

Design, Build, Fly

Launching capital vehicles that center your communities

Since 2016, Mission Driven Finance has been mobilizing capital to advance more inclusive economic opportunity.

We started with a blended capital loan program to support small businesses and nonprofits advancing more equitable outcomes in education, health, and wealth in San Diego. From the start, we embraced doing things differently and inclusively—across fund design, outreach, underwriting, and portfolio support.

Quite quickly, organizations, accelerators, and projects around the country started seeking us out to help them design, develop, and manage funds or capital vehicles that center their communities.

These experiences as a direct private lender and an intentional asset manager inform our cross-cutting structural solutions to get capital flowing where it hasn’t been but should.

“Mission Driven Finance is one of my favorite impact-first firms; their creativity and magic in structuring are unparalleled.”

Anonymous investor champion

What do we mean by structural solutions?


Consulting Support

What you need to launch new impact capital vehicles

Charitable Capital

Partnership with Impact Charitable: Catalytic Capital Partners

Initiative for Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Public-private partnership between Hyphen and the U.S. Department of the Treasury

Capital Partners

Getting emerging funds and projects the right capital at the right time, in right relationship
MDF team as of July 2023

Our strengths lie in:


Unwavering commitment to inclusive economic opportunity


Creating capital structures that align stakeholders + investors


Understanding + underwriting “missing middle” companies


Providing asset management for $5–$50+ million vehicles


Demystifying finance in a thoughtful, strategic, and fun way

National partners

We work with a variety of clients and partners across the country, including:

  • Capital allocators seeking a custom impact portfolio
  • Community-based accelerators and incubators that want a fund to support their program participants
Map of Mission Driven Finance client-partners across the U.S.

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