Advance Strategy

Advance economic opportunity in San Diego and beyond

Advance provides the opportunity to:

Invest in a diversified portfolio of commercial loans through an interest-bearing fixed income-style asset, like a bond

Deploy transformative capital to nonprofits, social enterprises, and small businesses that benefit the community

Empower community through economic opportunity

Target borrowers

Advance makes capital available to tenacious small businesses and nonprofits that are committed to advancing local economic opportunity. We look for “tweens” — businesses that don’t fit SBA, microloan, or bank criteria and where our investment will be the tipping point enabling a project to proceed. As an engaged community partner, we use a social credit ideology to finance investments up to $500,000 in nonprofits, social enterprises, and small businesses at rates that encourage success.

Mission Driven Finance Strategy


Advance is an Asset Pool of MDF Fund I, LP, and is currently only available to accredited or charitable investors. MDF Fund I, LP is managed by Mission Driven Finance, LLC and operates in coordination with CDC Small Business Finance, a nonprofit Certified Development Company with a 40-year track record of providing financing to small businesses.

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