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The team at C4GS-ZEDlife

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Making investing in your community a great investment

With decades of combined investment and impact experience, our intentionally diverse team reimagines how to connect capital and community. The opportunities you see here are designed to increase inclusive and equitable access to education, health, and wealth.

“I love how brave and bold Mission Driven Finance is. They don’t shy away from the challenges that other financial institutions do.”

Rachel Lozano Castro

Director, The Brink Small Business Development Center, Advance Strategy investor

The team at C4GS-ZEDlife
Communities need small businesses. Small businesses need access to capital. Solutions require people- and place-based strategies.
Child care provider Markeshia with kids at new child care space
Access to quality education and early care is critical to support thriving kids, stable families, and resilient communities.
Elizabeth Lou, Nile Sisters
Diversity in our communities and in our workforce brings strength and vitality.

Shared ownership

The worker-owners at The Local Butcher Shop
Shared ownership builds more resilient local economies, strengthens small businesses, and fosters income mobility.


Environmental justice

Farm Fuel Inc. Mustard Field
Everybody should be able to live, work, and play in a clean and healthy environment.
2021 Community Finance Fellows: Xitlali Ceballos, David Ritcherson, Farah Velasquez
The Community Finance Fellowship diversifies talent in the finance industry—and gets capital into overlooked and underestimated communities where it doesn’t usually flow.