Our Vision

Good businesses have access to sufficient, affordable capital to grow their impact.

The Challenge

Bold visions, innovative enterprises, and great community programs deserve the opportunity to succeed.

Unfortunately, many businesses and communities are unable to access the capital they need from traditional funding sources. The result is too many worthwhile endeavors struggling to achieve scale.

Mission Driven Finance launched in 2016 to fill the gap between philanthropy and traditional investments – commonly known as “impact investing”.

We have three primary objectives:

Provide simple and efficient methods for making local impact investments

Deploy transformative capital to multiple bottom line projects

Do this in a way that aligns the varying social and financial goals of investors, borrowers, and Mission Driven Finance

With the right mechanisms – and the right partners – we CAN accelerate positive social change.

Borrower Services

From initial education and awareness to investment-readiness, our team provides tailored technical assistance for potential borrowers seeking impact-based financing.

Investment Services

The best impact investments aren’t simple. They involve a myriad of legal structures, investors with varying goals and timelines, and often some uncommon cash flows or security. We can help.

Our Values


We look for investment opportunities that radically grow the impact of an organization, rather than financing working capital. The most exciting investments are complex, multi-party capital stacks that only come together with an intermediary like Mission Driven Finance connecting the puzzle pieces.

Stubbornly Optimistic

There is a solution to every problem, it just takes getting the right set of partners working together.  We develop solutions from a team perspective and include external partners and their strengths in this process.

Social Equity

We believe that an equitable economy is just, morally imperative, and more sustainable than traditional structures. Accordingly, we incentivize equitable business practices and our team invests time in supporting clients with barriers to capital to become investment ready.


We strive to avoid the profit-above-all motives that have led to issues in traditional finance.  We believe results are better when investors, borrowers, and intermediaries are all aligned and have a mutual understanding of their respective goals.


In addition to being complex, financial management and program evaluation can be quite dry and uninviting. To the extent possible, we try to make impact investing fun.