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“We’re on the brink of a significant shift in the global flow of capital. We believe that philanthropy can do more to catalyze private capital for public good.”

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“In addition to investing in small community businesses, Mission Driven Finance also helps people looking for small-business loans better understand the technicalities of borrowing money to open or expand businesses.”

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“A complicated market with slim margins and dire need of reform seems an unlikely place to invest, but that’s exactly the plan for San Diego investment company Mission Driven Finance. With a grant from the San Diego Foundation, the company is exploring potential impact investment models to improve the early child care education system in San Diego, in hopes of developing models that could work across the state.”

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“While ‘finance’ to many might conjure a boring system of transactions — or a dangerous game of capitalist exploitation — to financial activists, investment vehicles are fair game for creative and exciting innovations toward liberation. The Freedom100 Fund aims to release 100 individuals from immigration prison, support them with their cases…and prove that it’s time for the bail and bond system to go.”

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