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Mission Driven Finance submark

Getting capital to flow where it doesn’t but should

Mission Driven Finance submark

Getting capital to flow where it doesn’t but should

What we do

Using finance as a tool for change

Good businesses often don’t have sufficient, affordable access to capital. That’s why Mission Driven Finance was built with a single purpose—to make it easy to invest in your community.

All the funds and structured products you will find here are designed to close financial gaps in order to close opportunity gaps: impact investment opportunities that are simple, transformative, and aligned.

$1 M

assets into the community

Mobilizing capital that will increase inclusive and equitable access to education, health, and wealth


small businesses & nonprofits supported

{"Once I heard about Mission Driven Finance’s mission, I knew it matched our core beliefs. I believe in doing good and doing well at the same time. And the technical assistance that Mission Driven Finance provided alone is worth the interest."
Chris Thomas
Executive Director, The Way Back (portfolio company)
{"The process of connecting with your team and figuring out if we are the right fit was quite refreshing. Mission Driven Finance not only has some really good people but also I just feel like my company matters rather than just some numbers on a spreadsheet.”
Ryan Sisson
CEO and Founder, Moniker Group (portfolio company)
{"Unlike other lending institutions that appear fixated on the bottom line, Mission Driven Finance seemed driven to propel our mission forward. Because of them, that’s exactly what we’ll do."
Marlayna Bollinger
Executive Director, Skinny Gene Project (portfolio company)
{“Mission Driven Finance wants to be helpful and do what's good for the community. "
Julie Reeder
President/Publisher, Village News, Inc. (portfolio company)
{“Mission Driven Finance asked good questions. The collaboration is very clear—It was more than just a loan; the relationship continues to bring about positive ripple effects.”
{“Working with Mission Driven Finance feels like it’s more of a partnership than a typical lender-borrower relationship. It goes beyond the money. If I had to score how this relationship went, I would score it 10/10.”
Darren Solomon
Co-founder & CEO, Kid Ventures (portfolio company)
{"Your team’s commitment to community and doing good is really inspiring. You stuck with us to make this happen—thankful for your partnership."
Karen Begin
Director of Development, San Diego Habitat for Humanity (portfolio company)
{“Companies like Mission Driven Finance are vital to accelerating our ability to provide more accessible options for EV charging. Thank you for believing in our vision for a greener future and an increasingly inclusive driving community.”
Michael Zimmerman
Chief Financial Officer, ChargeNet Stations (portfolio company)
{“This loan and another that Mission Driven Finance facilitated with Alliance Healthcare Foundation and Union Bank were integral to San Diego Health Connect moving into 2021. Thanks in large part to the bridge funding...We were profitable in 2021 and are now in a sustainable place. It felt like the Mission Driven Finance team wanted us to get through the finish line and they were partners in the process.”
Stephanie Renick
Director of Operations, San Diego Health Connect (portfolio company)
{"Their team took the time to understand our needs and build relationships, and they were open and transparent throughout the whole loan process. I loved that they involved the Community Finance Fellows in the work, which aligns with our own focus on mentorship."
Kerri Leslie
Founder & CEO, Verity Packaging (portfolio company)
{“It was a dream come true to get a loan with Mission Driven Finance. Getting the funding felt like a feather in our cap because it validated our mission—the special sauce that adds meaning to what we do. It made it that much more real.”
Kristopher Schlesser
Founder, LuckyBolt (portfolio company)
{"The process of working with Mission Driven Finance gave us a chance to look at every component of the business so we can be in the strongest position to serve our students."
{"Working with Mission Driven Finance is unlike working with traditional lenders. The process transcended customer service and was more about relationship building; they take more time to get to know the people and figure out possibilities to have a positive transformational experience."
Dr. Corey Pahanish
Former Executive Director, Bayside Community Center (portfolio company)
{"We started out with $1 million in revenue in 2019 and now report $5 million in revenue just two years later. We started out with eight employees and now employ 34. This tremendous growth couldn't have happened without the support of partners like Mission Driven Finance. While we are now in a better position to work with banks and other traditional lenders, we would still love to continue to work with Mission Driven Finance for our path of growth and success."
Tri Le
Co-founder & CEO, Microtek (portfolio company)
The figures above are accurate as of March 31, 2022.

Advance Strategy portfolio makeup

Advancing an inclusive economy




Owned or led by women


Owned or led by people of color

The figures above are accurate as of March 31, 2022.
All information is cap-weighted and is reported since the inception of the Advance Strategy.