Child Care Facilities Financing

A real estate initiative to increase access to quality care

Access to early care and education, AKA early childhood education (ECE), is a critical need—not just for children’s development and closing achievement gaps, but also for building thriving communities and advancing economic opportunity for both families and ECE providers.

Still, we have a dramatic undersupply of quality, affordable ECE spots. To deliver more quality facilities in our communities, we need to augment philanthropic and government resources with private investment.

Mission Driven Finance is working toward the launch of a real estate financing vehicle focused on early childhood education facilities. Our long-term goal is the creation of a community real estate investment trust (cREIT) that will reconnect capital with community.

We are aiming to launch our first pilot sites in 2021 in a few select communities around the U.S. These include strategies for commercial and nonprofit operators of child care centers and for family child care providers through homeownership.

By creating a vehicle that aligns investors, providers, and other stakeholders, we will strive to:

Drive up facility quality, drive down facility costs, and drive up child care system capacity

Drive wealth-building by providers, who typically come from cultures and communities suffering from wealth gaps

Drive more capital investment by providing the expertise and infrastructure to navigate real estate hurdles and to centralize and mitigate risk points

Mission Driven Finance is honored to join the Promising Ventures 2020 Fellowship Program.

The Promising Ventures Fellowship is an accelerator program designed to meet the unique needs of social entrepreneurs in Early Childhood Development. The program partners with the Sesame Workshop & The Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University (HCDC) to provide a high level of support to a small group of ventures that they believe have enormous potential to drive social impact at a national scale for children and families facing the greatest adversity.

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