Cooperatives and worker ownership

Why shared ownership models like ESOPs or co-ops? Happier and more committed workers, higher productivity, better compensation, wealth that stays in communities—all leading to income mobility and more resilient local economies.

Mission Driven Finance is working with industry leaders around the country to develop capital solutions that increase shared ownership opportunities.

Helping Small Businesses Transition to Employee Ownership

Project Equity II will support businesses throughout the U.S. with 25+ employees that want to transition to employee ownership but need capital to do so. Operated in partnership with Project Equity, the fund will promote resilient, quality jobs, increase worker voice, and preserve and strengthen small business assets in communities. The $20M target fund is set to launch with a first close in early 2021.

Expanding Employee Ownership in Communities of Color

Operated in partnership with Apis & Heritage Capital Partners and the Democracy at Work Institute, the A&H Legacy Fund will expand employee ownership in communities of color. With an intentional private equity structure, the $25M fund buys great small businesses with large people of color workforces and transitions them to employee ownership—increasing enterprise value and resilience while growing wealth for workforces of color.

Worker Ownership for Inclusive Regional Economic Development

This worker-centric investment fund will invest in California-based companies that prioritize worker power, job quality, and career development. In collaboration with Turning Basin Labs and Jobs for the Future (JFF), the fund involves workers from strategic direction to investment decisions. Mission Driven Finance is facilitating the design and development of the fund with a process that centers worker voice.

Homeownership for Childcare Providers

  • The Community Real Estate Investment Trust (cREIT) works to expand the availability of quality childcare. The difference between this from other specialty real estate investment models is the focus on building inclusive and equitable community economic systems.
  • Our 2021 launch focuses on early childhood education facilities, with the long-term goal to create a public community real estate investment trust.

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