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Arago Trucking

Arago Trucking

What they do

Arago Trucking is a Latinx-owned cross-border general freight delivery company that operates between Tijuana and California.

Their business model relies on the service agreements they secure from brokers where they generate general freight contracts. Brokers act as intermediaries between Arago and major retailers, such as Toyota, Best Buy, and Samsung.

In addition to these companies, Arago works with San Diego-based small businesses to transport goods from Tijuana manufacturers to US warehouses.

Why we invested

Owner Marco Avila needed capital to improve and update his trucks to comply with environmental regulations. As a small business, delays in getting paid by their customers can have a big impact on their operations.

A private investor—a small business customer that uses Arago Trucking’s services—saw that they were not being paid quickly enough by some of their larger customers, and reached out to Mission Driven Finance to set up this customized financial solution to provide working capital so that Marco could immediately make updates to his trucks.

By facilitating this financial support, we are making it easy for people to invest in their community.


08/2021 — After our initial investment in July 2020, Arago Trucking received an additional investment of $250,000 through our flagship place-based fund, Advance Strategy.

Impact Segments

Shaping local markets

Creating quality jobs

Impact Vehicles

Advance Strategy
Custom Solutions

Dates of Investments

  1. July 2020
  2. August 2021

Impact Geography

San Diego, CA
Tijuana, Mexico


Marco and Jose Avila,

Year Founded