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Four Dimensions Landscape Company









What they do

Founded by Michael Thilgen and Linda Juratovac, Four Dimensions Landscape Company provides landscape architecture, construction, and horticultural maintenance primarily for private gardens in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California.

Since its beginnings in 1984, Four Dimensions has become an award-winning landscape firm, specializing in sustainable landscaping, habitat restoration, and native plant horticulture.

Four Dimensions also works with several local public agencies, creating ecologically sustainable public gardens, educational publications, and professional training programs.

Why we invested

One of the goals of the Employee Ownership Catalyst Fund is to promote resilient quality jobs, support benefits access and training, and increase worker voice by catalyzing a broad, regional shift toward employee ownership.

The Employee Ownership Catalyst Fund provided a forgivable loan to Four Dimensions to offset costs associated with their transition to employee ownership. Michael and Linda believe in equal opportunity and see a conversion to employee ownership as the preferred resolution as they approach retirement.

Impact Segment

Employee ownership

Impact Vehicle

Employee Ownership Catalyst Fund

Date of Investment

January 2023

Impact Geography

Oakland, California


Michael Thilgen & Linda Juratovac

Year Founded