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Mission Driven Finance invests in respected childhood enrichment provider Kid Ventures as they transition to offering full-time preschool and childcare so critically needed in the region.

What they do

Kid Ventures operates early childhood enrichment centers providing preschool, childcare, special educational programming, camps, and special events.

They actively partner with many in the community including Rady Children’s Hospital, National Foundation for Autism Research, and military support organizations to provide education, enrichment, and entertainment resources for children and families in need.

KV creates safe, healthy environments for children to develop a lifelong love for learning and for parents and caregivers to be part of the experience.

What they stand for

Since 2008, Kid Ventures has provided the next generation in boutique-style indoor family enrichment, education, and entertainment centers.

Over the last decade, they’ve learned how to use play as an exciting and engaging way to meet the many needs of child development, from exercise and exploration to learning foundational concepts and social interaction.

Building on those lessons and happy families, Kid Ventures is deepening their commitment to enrich and educate.

They’ve shifted to offer more formal—but still fun!—education with full-time preschool and childcare throughout the week.

Kid Ventures Preschool Academy combines the benefits of both classroom learning and play-based exploration in a creative environment so kids learn to love learning.

They also have an on-site occupational therapist that helps identify and address learning and mobility challenges early to set them on a smoother path to success.

KV will continue using their existing enrichment and event space in 4S Ranch on weekends to maintain access for other families.

Why we invested

Not only does Kid Ventures offer quality whole-child education at a critical point in children’s development, but they also are committed to using their business to support the community in other ways.

They provide strong career pathways for new educators with training, development, and internships with Miramar College child development students.

KV is expanding access for families that can’t get to their physical locations in the Liberty Station and 4S Ranch neighborhoods. In their partnership with Rady Children’s Hospital, KV brings the joy of play and learning to young patients.

In working with Mission Driven Finance, KV will explore even more ways to expand access for families with a variety of financial abilities.

During this period of transition and expansion, Mission Driven Finance’s investment helps Kid Ventures retrofit their locations with the amenities required for pre-school certifications in advance of enrollment fees, and formalize more of their impactful business practices.


06/2021 — Kid Ventures successfully repaid their loan ahead of schedule.

09/2020 — Kid Ventures has relaunched their preschool with many new safety precautions and welcomed students from preschools that have not reopened.

04/2020 — Due to COVID-19 closures, Kid Ventures has transitioned to providing online resources, including Kid Ventures onDemand, featuring daily crafts and activities, and livestreamed storytime, nature walks, and simple science experiments.

02/2020 — Kid Ventures fully transitioned their Liberty Station location into a full-time preschool.

Impact Segment

Advancing formative education & early childhood development

Impact Vehicle

Advance Strategy

Dates of Investments

  1. September 2019
  2. January 2020

Impact Geography

San Diego


Debbie Fricker,

Darren Solomon,
Co-founder & CEO

Year Founded



Successfully repaid