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Universidad Popular

Universidad Popular

What they do

The mission of Universidad Popular (UP) is to offer educational and civic opportunities for anyone interested in becoming more civically involved in our communities.

Universidad Popular embraces a social justice framework for leadership development, promotion of human rights, and political empowerment—specifically to increase the civic engagement of Latina and Latino immigrants.

UP implements activities in the context of a community resource center called Centro Universidad Popular, located in the heart of the community in the City of Vista, California.

The center provides a facility and safe space for community members to attend and participate in a variety of programs and activities.

Why we invested

UP advocates for practices and policies that uphold humanity while advancing racial, political, social and economic justice. Investment in Centro Universidad Popular will generate monumental benefits for individuals, families, and the entire service community.

The center is a one-stop shop where families participate in educational programs, youth have a safe space to go to after school, adults attend programs designed for professional development and lifelong learning.

This loan makes it possible to continue to provide a physical location that serves as a cultural and educational home for community members.


11/2020 — Universidad Popular successfully repaid their loan.

04/2020 — Due to COVID-19, the center has become an emergency support facility for 500 to 600 families by providing distribution of food, computers, etc. UP set up a relief fund with Alliance of San Diego, primarily for people who can’t access other help because of immigration status. The center is also helping adults apply for unemployment benefits.

Impact Segment

Advancing racial, political, social, and economic justice

Impact Vehicle

Custom solutions

Date of Investment

November 2019

Impact Geography

North County San Diego


Dr. Arcela Nuñez-Alvarez,
Co-founder & Co-director

Year Founded



Successfully repaid