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How can I support my team and organization?

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What are my operational considerations?

  • Assess what part of your business requires additional attention as it may be vulnerable to the interruption or slowing of orders, supply chain, etc.
  • Follow the guidelines in the resources shared below to help keep your workspace, store or office sanitized, and updated policies and procedures to your employees and customers

How do I address my liquidity needs?

  • Negotiate longer payment period for bills due
  • Reduce hours of operation
  • Reach out to your bank or current lenders and explore if there is additional capital you could take on and be aware of predatory lending practices during this time

How do I support my employees?

  • Be clear on the business decisions you’ve made or plan to make because of the impact of COVID-19
  • Share EDD resources (located in the table above), in the event that hours are reduced, they need to take sick leave, they must care for a member of their family, or must quarantine themselves

How can I keep a pulse on our company’s finances?

  • Modern Times wrote a great step-by-step guide for small businesses to shift to a daily cashflow forecast and other immediate operational changes to implement while revenue is impacted.

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