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David Lynn on employee ownership at Impact Investor Summit

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Insights & Resources

What was it?

Impact Investor Summit: North America

When was it?

October 2023


Charles Avery

New Private Markets

Philip Reeves

Apis & Heritage Capital

Delilah Rothenberg

The Predistribution Initiative

David Lynn

Mission Driven Finance

Jack Moriarty

Lafayette Square Foundation

(L–R) Charles Avery, New Private Markets; Philip Reeves, Apis & Heritage Capital; Delilah Rothenberg, The Predistribution Initiative

In October, CEO David Lynn spoke on an employee ownership panel at Impact Investor Summit: North America. Joining David were Charles Avery of New Private Markets, Philip Reeves of Apis & Heritage Capital, Delilah Rothenberg of The Predistribution Initiative, and Jack Moriarty of Lafayette Square Foundation.

David shared:

“Due to the current silver tsunami, the aging baby boomers, there are opportunities to support employee ownership transition. There are owners who want to exit. If we can help engineer that exit so that the employees become owners, whether partially or entirely, that’s phenomenal.”