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The Community Real Estate Investment Trust

Why we invest in real estate for early care & education

Investing in Real Estate to Increase Quality Child Care

In almost every community in the country, there is less supply than demand for child care. Yet even quality providers with long waitlists rarely have the resources they need to expand in order to meet the need. With the pandemic forcing many providers out of business, increasing availability of child care is critical to get families back to work.

The Mission Driven Finance Community Real Estate Investment Trust (cREIT) is a real estate investment strategy that expands the availability of quality child care. A diversified portfolio of commercial and residential properties, the cREIT is designed to unlock the full potential and aspirations of center- and home-based providers.

Aligning the Goals of Investors, Providers & Communities

The cREIT focuses on three key elements for collective success:

Capital: We leverage access to capital and cost structures at scale to finance and build quality facilities.

Capacity: We help individual providers acquire real estate with our team’s expertise and service.

Community: We help providers build wealth alongside investors, and activate community partnerships that encourage inclusive, equitable, and thriving local economies.

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Using a localized investment model to bring financial resources and expertise

Our child care homes and facilities are operated by in-demand, experienced providers identified and supported by on-the-ground community partners, with an emphasis on those that provide living wages and serve families under 200% of the area median income.

The cREIT is designed to acquire and renovate facilities and homes that:

  • Help center-based providers expand and balance investment and lease affordability with financial returns
  • Help family child care businesses gain stability, wealth, and resilience through homeownership, using shared equity to create collective success
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Channeling massive, risk-mitigated capital from investors to expand the availability of quality child care

The cREIT’s core intention is to build inclusive and equitable community economic systems. Many traditional real estate investment structures are extractive—where the wealth generated leaves the community that generated it in the first place.

The cREIT will do the opposite. It will build wealth and infrastructure inside communities that will govern the investments.

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