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What they do

C4GS-ZEDlife LLC is a housing developer based in San Diego, California. Founded in 2019 by Adria Fox and Mailon J. Rivera, C4GS-ZEDlife focuses on developing high-performance, zero-energy, off-grid homes in the construction, contracting, and utilities sectors.

With a mission to address the intersection between climate change and social equity, C4GS-ZEDlife aims to design and build affordable multi-use housing complexes that are environmentally sustainable over their expected lifespan with the C4GS-ZEDlife team providing vital knowledge transfer, training, and incubation services.

The company is led by a multicultural, multi-generational, and “delightfully melanated” executive team and is committed to promoting wealth generation through initiatives such as supporting and building low-income housing, providing energy generation and storage, developing family-owned land, advocating for community land trusts, and fostering workforce development partnerships with local schools.

Why we invested

C4GS-ZEDlife has secured a sizable grant from the California Energy Commission to design an affordable multi-use housing complex that combats climate change.

To ensure smooth operations during the grant term while awaiting reimbursement, C4GS-ZEDlife sought capital from the Advance Strategy to support cash flows. Mission Driven Finance supports C4GS-ZEDlife’s efforts to make zero-energy housing more affordable and accessible, empowering historically forgotten and excluded communities in San Diego.

Impact Segment

Affordable housing

Impact Vehicle

Advance Strategy

Date of Investment

April 2023

Impact Geography

San Diego, California


Adria Fox

Mailon J. Rivera

Year Founded