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Cygenex (formerly known as Gene Tox Lab Solutions)

















What they do

Gene Tox Lab Solutions, Inc. is in the genetic testing, precision medicine, and analytics market.

To perform genetic testing, analysis, interpretation, and implementation for providers and their patients to improve clinical outcomes, Gene Tox Lab Solutions (GTLS) has created a HIPAA-compliant platform for numerous commercial markets in the U.S. that seamlessly manages the entire genetics testing process for the customer, patient, and primary care provider.

This patent-pending software can also identify patients most at risk and who would more likely benefit from genetic testing. After testing is complete, GTLS offers genetic counseling and education to both physicians and patients.

Why we invested

Driven by the concept of servant leadership, the founders set out to improve health outcomes one individual at a time. Gene Tox Lab Solutions plans to serve underinvested communities, with the goal of training and employing an inclusive workforce, bringing quality jobs to our region.

Impact Segment

Improving health outcomes

Shaping markets

Creating quality jobs

Impact Vehicle

Advance Strategy

Date of Investment

August 2020

Impact Geography

San Diego, CA and nationwide

Year Founded



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