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Moniker Group is a collective of local businesses which began with Moniker Warehouse—a community work and event space—in 2010. They’ve since grown exponentially into a creative ecosystem of seven community-oriented businesses.

Mission Driven Finance’s loan will be used to refinance the high-cost debt they took on to grow, with cost-savings reinvested into their staff and community.

What they do

Founded during the last recession, Moniker Group has grown to include seven companies and eight brands, all unified by a common desire to create a positive, lasting impact on the community. The Moniker family includes:

  • Moniker Design, a spatial design firm that produces environmental design, interactive art, and high-quality custom furnishings.
  • Moniker Events, which manages Moniker Group venues and offers full and partial event planning in San Diego and beyond.
  • Moniker Warehouse, a community workspace and event venue in San Diego’s East Village, which has been home to over 30 small businesses and nonprofit organizations.
  • Moniker Coffee Co. is a craft coffee served exclusively in Moniker General.
  • Moniker General, located in Liberty Station, is part retail space, part coffee shop, and part cocktail bar.
  • Moniker Cocktail Co. is part bar at Moniker General and part beverage catering brand. Moniker Cocktail uses handcrafted drinks to create spaces that bring people together.
  • Moniker Hospitality renovates existing spaces into concepts that stimulate community: co-working spaces, restaurants, retail or mixed-use.
  • Moniker Commons, created to be an inclusive space that is equal parts thriving community and inspiring workspace. Moniker Commons welcomes a wide variety of businesses and startups—from solo entrepreneurs to global companies with offices in San Diego.

What they stand for

Moniker Group is guided by four impact pillars—neighborhood, community, business, and people development. In creating physical spaces to gather and build lasting connections, as well as by designing programs for their employees’ professional and personal growth, Moniker demonstrates their commitment to the local community.

“We’re not just a small business, we invest in people’s lives,” said Moniker Group founder and CEO Ryan Sisson. “As we build spaces where employees are empowered, engaged, and safe, we build strong, healthy communities.”

Why we invested

In 2016, Moniker restructured to allow each of their seven companies to operate individually while still being a connected family. This enabled different investors to participate in specific industries, but also created new business entities that didn’t have sufficient operating history on their own to qualify for traditional credit.

Mission Driven Finance’s loan will be used to refinance the high-cost debt they took on to grow. With these cost savings, Moniker can expand their team. They’ve committed to hiring at least 25% of their new staff from underserved communities, with an initial focus on military families.

Moniker’s career development programs and flexible work options are a perfect match for military spouses. Active duty military spouses face a national 24% unemployment rate, compared to 3.2% across all San Diegans in December 2018.

Supporting our local military community has a special resonance for Ryan, a native San Diegan with deep military ties. His grandfather was a boot camp instructor in the Navy at Liberty Station when it was Naval Training Center—San Diego. With Liberty Station now the site of Moniker’s headquarters and multiple business locations, employing military families there connects the setting’s history and future.


9/2022 — Moniker Group successfully paid off their loan. 

3/2020 — Due to COVID-19, Moniker Group quickly responded by moving Moniker General 100% online and expanding its offering to curbside pick-up of fresh produce, dry goods, beer & wine, personal essentials, and home goods. Customers can still get their Moniker coffee fix with carryout from Moniker Coffee in Liberty Station.

Impact Segment

Creating quality jobs

Shaping local markets

Impact Vehicle

Advance Strategy

Date of Investment

April 2019


Successfully repaid

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San Diego


Ryan Sisson,
CEO & Founder

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