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What they do

A pastry chef and former bartender, Michelle Pusateri wasn’t looking to create granola. Rather, she shared, “Granola found me.” Michelle was starting to surf with a new partner (now her husband) and found that she was crashing during her sessions.

Looking more closely at what she was having for breakfast, Michelle developed a recipe that incorporated more protein, fat fiber, and lower glycemic sugar. Her friends and family loved the Sunset Blend, and Nana Joes Granola was born.

Nana Joes Granola is dedicated to producing all-natural, vegan, paleo, and gluten-free granola. Further, Nana Joes Granola aims to source more ingredients from farmers using regenerative practices for their granola/oats, granola bars, baked goods, and trail mix.

Why we invested

Nana Joes Granola requested capital to purchase 10 to 12 months of sliced almonds from a regenerative supplier. While the company is currently sourcing organic almonds, Michelle wanted to switch to a supplier that uses regenerative practices to proactively help restore the earth and to show small business owners of consumer packaged goods that sourcing regenerative is possible on all levels.

This capital allows Nana Joes Granola to increase regenerative practices in their supply chain and, due to buying their almonds in bulk, maintain and increase margins.

Impact Segment

Shaping local markets

Impact Vehicle

Regenerative Harvest Fund

Dates of Investments

November 2022

Impact Geography

San Francisco, California


Michelle Pusateri

Year Founded