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What they do & why the LACI Cleantech Debt Fund invested

NeoCharge, led by Spencer Harrison, is dedicated to optimizing home energy usage to reduce costs and carbon emissions, and support grid reliability. Based in San Luis Obispo, California, the company has developed a plug-and-play EV charging device that lets customers use the existing 240-volt outlets in their homes for appliances and simple EV charging installation. The Smart Splitter makes EV charging more accessible, helping renters and homeowners avoid expensive panel upgrades and permits. Funds were deployed to support inventory needs.

NeoCharge came to the LACI Cleantech Debt Fund from LACI’s Incubation program. The LACI Cleantech Debt Fund, managed by Mission Driven Finance, invests in companies working on solving challenges related to climate change.

Impact Segment

Inclusive green economy

Impact Vehicle

LACI Cleantech Debt Fund

Date of Investment

April 2023

Impact Geography

San Luis Obispo, CA


Spencer Harrison

Year Founded