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What they do

Story LLP, founded in 2021 by Jessica Hubley, is a law firm and software company collaboration based in Atlanta, Georgia that optimizes legal services through inclusive AI and a diverse network of attorneys called the Story Attorney Alliance.

Through its software arm, Story LLP Software Inc, Story LLP leverages AI technology to level the playing field for clients with limited budgets—helping them understand their legal needs, budget appropriately, and gain business context. The software allows Story LLP to offer free legal advice to individuals who don’t have access to resources and networks of privilege while offering everyone more affordable access to high-quality legal services.

Moreover, the Story Alliance provides both clients and attorneys the benefits of a one-stop shop—with the specialty coverage of a big law firm—while allowing individual attorneys the freedom to design their own practice. The Alliance prioritizes supporting female and minority attorneys, many of whom Jessica has seen underestimated and mistreated by large law firms, where they take home less per hour for grueling work schedules than they do with Story.

Why we invested

Story LLP faced challenges in accessing traditional capital due to its limited operating history and its unique corporate structure. However, the company has experienced organic growth through the demand for its legal services and referrals from the Story Alliance. By contracting survivors of human trafficking to develop their software and code (a talent resource Jessica grew to love through her work as co-founder and CEO of the nonprofit AnnieCannons), Story LLP can build software with a better understanding of the customers they hope to serve and focus time on building great legal services options for diverse humans, including founders.

Story LLP’s innovative approach, combining AI technology and its Story Alliance network, bridges the gap in legal access and empowers diverse attorneys and clients to thrive.

One of the reasons Mission Driven Finance invested in Story LLP through our People on the Move strategy is because they are intentionally contracting and working with survivors of trafficking. This investment supports Story LLP’s goal of building a more inclusive legal services landscape.

Impact Segment

Shaping local markets

Impact Vehicle

People on the Move

Date of Investment

April 2023

Impact Geography

Atlanta, GA


Jessica Hubley

Year Founded