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The Local Butcher Shop









What They Do

The Local Butcher Shop offers home cooks the highest quality, locally and sustainably raised meat from their retail storefront in Berkeley, within a block of Chez Panisse.

Unlike a supermarket, the Local Butcher Shop purchases whole animals, allowing them to create custom cuts for customers and wasting nothing in the process.

Named one of nearly 100 essential independent butcher shops in America by Food & Wine Magazine in 2020, the shop carries hard-to-find cuts, housemade products such as pâtés, sausages, deli meats, stocks, stews, and dog food, and locally made spices and jams.

They also offer online cooking and butcher classes to the public.

Why We Invested

The Local Butcher Shop was founded in 2011 by Monica and Aaron Rocchino, who have decided to exit the business to focus on their family.

The Rocchinos are selling the business to a core group of current employees who will become the new worker-owners, just in time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the shop.

The Employee Ownership Catalyst Fund, launched in partnership with national nonprofit Project Equity, invested in The Local Butcher Shop to support the transition.

Project Equity helps business owners see employee ownership as an exit strategy and roadmap to resiliency. The organization provides hands-on consultation and support to make sure that they and their businesses thrive long after transitioning.

When employees become owners, they can help preserve good jobs and rebuild local economies.

Learn more about the transition on the Project Equity website and in this article in Berkeleyside.

Impact Segment

Shared ownership

Impact Vehicle

Employee Ownership Catalyst Fund

Date of Investment

November 2021

Impact Geography

Berkeley, CA


Caleb Avalos
Butchery Manager

Jason Fallock
Value Added Products Manager

Koji Fujioka

Merl Goodsell

Scott Miller
General Manager

Year Founded