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Thrive Public Schools









What they do

Thrive Public Schools is an award-winning group of free public charter schools with a diverse student body from across San Diego. Thrive gets students college-prepared, career-inspired, and community-minded. Thrive was named one of the top 100 Schools Worth Visiting and a National Model School for Next Generation Learning.

What they stand for

Thrive provides high-quality, 21st-century education in a community that focuses on ensuring that every child is known, seen and valued.

Thrive aims to pioneer new educational systems for student success. They seek to inspire greater outcomes and expand the reach and futures for those who enter their doors.

Why we invested

Our bridge loan allowed Thrive to keep growing while awaiting tuition reimbursements from the State of California. This allowed Thrive to continue offering personalized education over the course of the 2017–2018 school year. With our support, hundreds of students were able to go on inspiring field trips that would have been cut, and teachers continued growing their abilities with professional development workshops.


June 2018—Upon tuition reimbursement from the State of California, Thrive repaid their loan to Mission Driven Finance.

Impact Segment

Advancing formative education & early childhood development

Impact Vehicle

Advance Strategy

Date of Investment

October 2017

Impact Geography

San Diego


Nicole Assisi

Year Founded



Successfully repaid