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Catalyst’s Impact Investing Series: Strategic investments in small businesses to sustain resilient communities

by | Jun 2, 2021 | Insights & Resources

What was it?

Catalyst San Diego & Imperial Counties Impact Investing Series: Strategic Investments in Small Businesses to Sustain Resilient Communities

When was it?

May 2021


Megan Thomas

Catalyst of San Diego & Imperial Counties


Ken Davenport

Mission Edge San Diego

Lauren Grattan

Mission Driven Finance


Bank of America

Our Chief Community Officer Lauren Grattan recently joined Megan Thomas of Catalyst of San Diego & Imperial Counties and Ken Davenport of Mission Edge San Diego to discuss investing in small businesses to sustain resilient communities.

Representing more than 95 percent of local businesses, small businesses are the heartbeat of our region, yet an overwhelming number face the prospect of shutting their doors in the aftermath of a global pandemic. Funders and impact investors of all types have sharpened their focus on local economies as part of a post-COVID recovery plan that bolsters economic security, local job opportunities, and the sense of community these businesses foster.

As many funders and investors enter the small business funding realm, join us to hear from peer funders and investors on lessons learned in providing entrepreneurship funding and technical assistance for small businesses. Leave with practical strategies that you can explore and implement in your post-COVID resiliency funding.

—Catalyst of San Diego & Imperial Counties