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Financing alternatives for social impact companies

by | Apr 14, 2021 | Insights & Resources

What was it?

Financing alternatives for social impact companies

When was it?

April 2021


Rupga Chandra Gupta

Sown to Grow

David Cooper

Mission Driven Finance



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Cooley LLP


While early-stage social impact companies have the same financing options as traditional start-ups (convertible notes, SAFEs, equity), they also have options unique to their category of business given the social mission. These include funding via donor-advised funds (DAFs) which have exploded in popularity, and from unique and sometimes non-dilutive sources of capital such as the National Science Foundation.


In this session, hear from impact investor (and our senior portfolio advisor) David Cooper who has successfully helped social enterprises secure DAF funding, as well as CEO Rupa Chandra Gupta who has successfully navigated NSF to raise over $1M in non-dilutive capital.