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Transformative 25 Funds Creative Financing

by | Jun 3, 2021 | Insights & Resources

David Lynn speaks at Transformative 25 Funds Creative Financing

What was it?

Transformative 25 Funds Creative Financing

When was it?

June 2021


Esther Park

Cienega Capital


Blake Jones

Kachuwa Impact Fund

David Lynn

Mission Driven Finance

Janice St. Onge

Flexible Capital Fund

Lolita Nunn

Fair Food Fund Network


Jen Astone

Integrated Capital Investing

Fund managers from Fair Food Network, Homestake Venture Partners, Flexible Capital Fund, Kachuwa Impact Fund, and Mission Driven Finance engage in a lively discussion about creative financing and integrated capital strategies. Moderated by Esther Park, CEO of Cienega Capital and team member with the #NoRegrets Initiative, this Transformative 25 interactive webinar covers:

  1. What are creative financing strategies they find effective and why
  2. What investors need to know about funds using creative financing, and
  3. Strategies for growing this work

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