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World Education Services inaugural investee partner gathering ahead of SOCAP23

by | Dec 15, 2023 | Insights & Resources

What was it?

World Education Services’ inaugural investee partner gathering

When was it?

October 2023


Betty Francisco

Boston Impact Initiative

Yigal Kerszenbaum


Lauren Grattan

Mission Driven Finance

Alison Lingane

Project Equity

Matthias Pries

World Education Services

Sonia Sarkar

Healing Capital

In October, Mission Driven Finance Co-founder and Chief Community Officer Lauren Grattan participated in an investee partner gathering hosted by World Education Services, which has “committed over $9.8 million of capital to solutions that increase access to opportunity, build wealth, shift power, and advance justice for migrants and communities of color in the United States and Canada.”

Partners highlighted the importance of data improvements needed to facilitate forward progress in the field. Lauren asked:

“What is the data on the societal benefit of [an investment] that makes it more on par with ‘market’?”

Other topics included a need to redefine investor and investee roles and incentives and the importance of transparency in relationship and movement building.