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Apis & Heritage Capital Partners Announces Initial Close of $30 Million to Turn Businesses with Workforces of Color into Employee-Owned Firms

by | Jun 23, 2021 | News

Mission Driven Finance is delighted to support our client-partners at Apis & Heritage Capital Partners (A&H) on their first fund building wealth for workers of color through employee ownership.
“The fund surpassed its $15 million first close target, with support from leading investors and advisors including the Ford Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation’s Zero Gap Fund, The Skoll Foundation, and its advisor Capricorn Investments, Gary Community Investments, Ascension Investment Management, and others.
“A&H is a BIPOC-led private equity fund that has developed an ’employee-led buyout’ (ELBO) model that gives retiring owners a fair market price for their businesses, often with significant tax advantages, as employees become the employee/owners of the business with A&H’s assistance. In today’s America, 60% of Black and 65% of LatinX workers have $0 in retirement assets making workers vulnerable to financial insecurity as they age and without resources to pass on to the next generation. A&H expects an average worker who benefits from an A&H-assisted buyout to accrue retirement savings of $70,000  $120,000 each, which can be life-changing.”
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