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Borrower Spotlight: Thrive Public Schools

by | Jan 31, 2018 | News

Thrive Public Schools is a group of free, nationally recognized K–12 public schools in San Diego. Thrive prepares kids for careers and college in a safe, diverse, and joyful environment. They achieve award-winning academic growth by focusing on a highly personalized learning environment with quality faculty and staff who deeply care about each student. Thrive’s $500,000 bridge loan from Mission Driven Finance allows them to maintain a high-caliber education for a growing student body in advance of tuition reimbursements from the State of California.

Exponential Growth at Thrive

With individually tailored plans and project-based learning, students who get lost in other education systems fall in love with learning and often regain their academic footing. As a result, parents from all over San Diego County (45 ZIP codes!) have been clamoring to send their kids to Thrive.

  • 2014–2015: 45 students enrolled in grades K–6
  • 2015–2016: 194 students enrolled in grades K–8
  • 2016–2017: 461 students enrolled in grades K–9
  • 2017–2018: 651 students enrolled in grades K–10

Thrive started modestly in a rented portable structure in City Heights but rapidly grew to three campuses. In 2017, they got to build a new elementary campus in Linda Vista in partnership with Bayside Community Center. This new building inspires everyone who visits and supports a variety of learning styles.

Thrive’s Approach to Education

Education hasn’t changed much in 100 years but kids change all the time.  That’s why THRIVE is breaking out of the box of traditional education by making sure every child has a joyful, personalized, and deeply engaging learning experience.

At THRIVE, teachers use technology to help every child reach their personal best.  Each student has their own personalized plan to ensure they expand their future and have access to college and careers.

At THRIVE, educators build a love of learning in their students by connecting what they learn in the classroom to the real world.  They learn through building, creating, designing, and exploring the world around them.

At THRIVE, every student is known, seen, and valued by their teachers and each other.  We work every day to foster deep connections and celebrate the amazing differences in our racially and economically diverse community.

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