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Impact investing and anti-racism: From contemplation to action

by | Feb 1, 2021 | News

What was it?

Impact investing and anti-racism: From contemplation to action

When was it?

January 2021


Shereen Daniels

HR rewired


Lauren Grattan
David Lynn

Mission Driven Finance

In January of 2021, our CEO David Lynn and Chief Community Officer Lauren Grattan participated in a live conversation with Shereen Daniels of HR rewired.

From Shereen:

“Many leadership teams are still grappling with how to approach anti-racism. Fear of saying or doing the wrong thing plus the discomfort in talking about race, means they stay silent, hoping this ‘moment’ will pass. Others recognise that to do nothing is to perpetuate the problem. Silence is not an option. And even if they don’t have all the answers, they are committed to doing something. So pleased to be joined by David Lynn (CEO) and Lauren Grattan (Co-founder and Chief Community Officer) of Mission Driven Finance as we talk about this in the hope it will inspire CEOs and leaders to take their own first steps to becoming anti-racist. It really does start from the top.”

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