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Letters from Lauren: April 2024

by | Apr 10, 2024 | News

If you follow us on LinkedIn, you may have seen some major developments unfold in the past few weeks:

It is incredible to engage with people from very different ecosystems on such different topics and intended impacts.

Across these projects, our goal remains the same: Getting capital into the hands of social impact-minded businesses, nonprofits, and initiatives that don’t usually qualify for traditional capital. In other words—flowing capital where it doesn’t, but should.

We would love to explore different ways of closing capital gaps to close opportunity gaps at SOCAP24. This year, we’re honored to have seven cool session ideas with our friends and collaborators open for community voting by Sunday, April 14. Please help your favorite topics make the cut:

  • Expanding capital pathways for emerging fund managers
    Innovation happens when investors can identify promising new ideas and invest in high-potential entrepreneurs. Learn about new capital pathways for underrepresented fund managers facing headwinds going to market.
            • Capital Quest: Navigating the secret passageways of impact funding
              One hears success stories of raising millions for impact-first funds and projects, but not often about how much time and energy it took. In this workshop, choose your own adventure to experience the hurdles, pitfalls, and occasional joys of raising impact capital.

                    Be well and take care of one another,

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