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Freedom for Immigrants is devoted to abolishing immigration detention, while ending the isolation of people currently suffering in this profit-driven system. They are the only nonprofit in the country monitoring the human rights abuses faced by immigrants detained by ICE through a national hotline and network of volunteer detention visitors, while also modeling a community-based alternative to detention that welcomes immigrants into the social fabric of the United States. Through these windows into the system, they gather data and stories to combat injustice at the individual level and push systemic change.

Impact Objectives

Scale Freedom for Immigrants’ proven detention bond fund model to build lasting change. The goal is to get 100 people in California and Louisiana out of detention facilities and connected with families and support services which include case management support, housing, connections to attorneys, transportation, and mental health services to ensure they have the best chance of winning their case.

Explore the Freedom100 Fund.

Impact Segment

Immigration bond

Impact Vehicle

Freedom100 Fund

Investment Details

$2.5M investment fund

Impact Geography

California and Louisiana


Christina Mansfield and Christina Fialho,
Co-founders & Co-executive directors

Year Founded

2010 (formerly CIVIC)