Mission Driven Finance helps local nonprofits, social enterprises, and businesses find accessible and affordable impact-based financing. We fund and leverage capital to advance economic opportunity and empower communities.

Our Lending Focus

Financial Inclusion: In many circumstances, we can help borrowers ineligible for traditional financing, including “tweens” too small or lacking appropriate security for bank loans but too large for SBA or other microloans.

Project-Specific: We lend growth capital needed to overcome one-time hurdle or scale sustainably, not general working capital, to borrowers that show clear sources of repayment revenue.

Multiple Bottom Line: Our borrowers must show a commitment to achieving blended returns, including identifiable and measurable outcomes that benefit the community as well as a positive revenue history or committed future income.

Tipping Point Investment: We take pride in our flexibility and adaptability to fill gaps in funding, providing additional capital needed to allow project to proceed or unlocking critical co-investments, in addition to facilitating complex transaction structuring.

Mission Driven Finance is committed to upholding transparent and fair lending practices as a signatory of the Small Business Borrowers’ Bill of Rights.

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