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What they do

KIGT is dedicated to making electric vehicle charging more accessible, affordable, and clean.

KIGT is owned and operated by CEO Paul Francis, a Black entrepreneur with roots in Los Angeles. Paul has built a strong team of advisors and has been conducting EV charging pilots throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area since 2009.

Based in Ontario, CA, KIGT works with large organizations, government, and non-governmental organizations across the country to install and operate EV chargers. Their partnerships include the Port of San Diego, Texas Longhorns, Hollywood Methodist Church, and Victory Baptist Church.

Why we invested

KIGT was awarded a multi-million dollar grant from the California Energy Commission to support the deployment of EV chargers in disadvantaged communities. The company sought bridge capital to purchase equipment and construct and install the new chargers. Capital from the LACI Cleantech Debt Fund will also be used to hire a part-time project manager.

KIGT came to the LACI Cleantech Debt Fund from New Energy Nexus. The LACI Cleantech Debt Fund, managed by Mission Driven Finance, invests in companies working on solving challenges related to climate change.

Cleantech San Diego also referred KIGT to Mission Driven Finance’s place-based Advance Strategy. KIGT is a diverse supplier for the Port of San Diego in their utilities infrastructure to install EV chargers. Advance Strategy co-invested to further close the capital gap for KIGT.

Impact Segment

Inclusive green economy

Impact Vehicle

LACI Cleantech Debt Fund

Date of Investment

February 2023

Impact Geography

Ontario, California


Paul Francis

Year Founded